Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dateline Taldy-Korgan

The team arrived in Taldy-Korgan this morning.  Unfortunately the internet connections there are a tad more primitive than Almaty, so David wasn't able to forward me a note.  Their hotel is across the street from an internet cafe, though, and he is hoping to send pictures from there.  Their hotel is more spartan ... no air conditioning and no hot water, but hey!  It's shelter and a bed.

As of a few minutes ago, they had already unloaded the truck and put together the playset.  They were calling from the courtyard of the Baby House.  I could hear the sounds of happy children playing in the background ... Tomorrow they are going to do some hole-drilling and concrete setting.  Sorry I'm not sure of any more details than that.

When my phone rang this morning, I heard "Hello Liz this is Aida calling!"  Aida was our interpreter in Taldy Korgan last fall, and she became a dear friend, which has also happened to many of the families who adopt from T-K.   (Guess when you spend every day with someone for a month that happens!)  Aida speaks fluent English, and even grasps the nuances of English humor and idioms, no easy task!  She is ebullient and funny, and we love her to death.  She used to call me her big sister, and I called her "sistronka" (little sister).  However, she referred to David as her "second husband".... hmmm, something isn't right with that!  Ha ha.  I was so choked up talking to her again, and so sad that I wasn't there with them.

Quentin says he likes T-K even better than Almaty .. he is really getting an insiders' view of Kazakhstan.  What a lucky duck.  He is determined to try the Kazakh delicacy, "bisparmak" which is horse meat.  I tried it last fall, and it tastes a lot like a cross of roast beef and lamb.  Quite good!  (Sorry for you PETA people ... you know that really stands for People Eating Tasty Animals).  Quentin just wants to hear the squeals of his friends at school, especially the girls who are really into horseback riding.

I will post more from the boys when I can!  Liz

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