Friday, July 29, 2005

Dateline Almaty: One Down, One to Go

Well, we finished the playground at Almaty BH #2 today.  Emil showed up with the part from Taldy, and it was the one we needed.  While some of us finished the Kid Play set, others mixed the concrete for the animals and the benches.  We were all finished by mid-afternoon, and after lunch, we came back and spent some time (unofficially, of course) breaking in the new equipment with the kids.   The smiles and laughter was just priceless to hear!  We are supposed to have the "official" dedication when we get back to Almaty from Taldy, but we could'nt wait to play with the kids (and I don't think they could wait either!).  Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be leaving Almaty and driving to Taldy.  We hope to arrive sometime mid-afternoon so that we can meet the truck and unload all of the equipment at the BH.  We will probably start building on Sunday morning, and hope to complete in 2 days....(unless, of course, we have left a part we need in Almaty....)   Hope you enjoy some of the pictures, which, of course, speak louder than words anyway....   Love to all....David & Quentin    

Quentin says:  I have decided to write down any "Engrish" that I find. I haven't found much but It's there. I'm not looking forward to Taldy Korgan. (No Air conditioning? AUGH!) I'm glad we got the playground done today. Right now I'm so tired I'm about to fall on my face, so I'm done.  

Editor's note:  "Engrish" is funny translations of English by non-English speakers.

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