Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Branches in Kazakhstan: Part Trois!

Well, we have finished day 1 of playground building here in Almaty...and have already run into one snag.  Since both playgrounds were shipped in one container, we had to unload the Almaty equipment this morning so the truck could proceed on to Taldy to unload there.   Even though we triple checked, etc., it appears that one panel we need to attach a slide did not get unloaded, and is now in Taldy.  We are drawing straws to see who has to drive to Taldy tomorrow to chase that panel down and bring it back to Almaty (...a little more complicated than traveling from Uralsk BH#2 and Zhas Dauren, like my last trip).  But we did get alot accomplished, and should be able to finish most everything (if the missing panel is located) by tomorrow.    We worked all morning, and went to lunch around 3 pm, and found a restaurant around the corner with a yurt.  Well, we all looked at each other (given the temperature is around 85-90 degrees, and the hostess assured us that the yurt had air conditioning....well, it did, but it seemed to only cool one spot in the yurt where Joe was sitting, and the rest of us were roasting.  Anyway, the food was good, and Quentin wants to buy a yurt for our new backyard  (its only $20,000 US for a full size one).     I have also attached some you can see, Quentin is thrilled to have his picture taken by his father...but I promise that he did pose in each picture, and it is not just a digital enhancement pasted in to various backgrounds....   Tell everyone we said "Hey"....   Love,    David & Quentin  

PS:  Quentin Says: No need to worry about me starving to death. The food here is actually quite good, and the juice is delicious. I'm actually having a lot of fun (You'd be surprised how entertaining a fork and a toothpick are.) Also I may not look like the happiest guy in the world in those pictures but I was smiling if you look real close and squint...


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