Thursday, June 16, 2005

Men Make Plans, and God Laughs

Bad, to not so bad news.  The playground trip has been postponed, due to a delay in the delivery of the playground set.  What took 28 days last year is turning into 60 this year, and it has just left Riga, Latvia, today, on a train to Almaty.  The best guess is that it will be another 14-16 days until it gets there.  Inconvenient, but not insurmountable.  David will get to come to the beach with us!  Look at the bright side.  On the other hand, the trip may interfere with YMCA camp that all four kids are scheduled to go to in July.  Oh well, so Quentin won't go.  No biggie.  Such is life in the former Soviet Union.

Our week has been busy, as usual.  Speech MWTh, movies (Batman -- very good! and Shark Boy & Lava Girl -- don't bother) Lisa at cheerleading camp every day.  This means wake-up call at 7:30, but I can't complain.  It sure beats 5:00.   Lisa and Colin went to play bingo with Kathleen that night ... it's getting to be a Tuesday routine!  And every time Lisa goes with her, Kathleen seems to win.  Lucky charm.

Tuesday night we had visitors ... two friends, Chis and her mother, Judith, whom we met on our trip to adopt Lisa, back in 2001, were in the area and came for dinner with their little girl, Aliya.  Aliya was barely 6 months old when Chris adopted her, and now she is a vibrant, adorable little 4 year old.  We had a very nice visit, and the girls enjoyed playing with each other. 

Took Melanie to the pool for the first time on Sunday.  She clung to me like glue, but really liked the baby pool, it's just her size.  I think we'll need to hang out there some more this summer.  Not that she needs to work on her tan or anything!  

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