Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Fathers' Day

Happy Dad's day to all you dads out there.  We hoisted our dad up on the pedestal in a big way ... with cards galore (some store-bought, some home-made).  After church, we (well, David) grilled steaks for lunch and he sat in what I fondly call the "butt magnet" all day switching between the US Open and the NASCAR race (wherever that was, remember how much of a NASCAR fan I am ...)  There were some major thunderstorms in the area; one of the lightning strikes landed right in our living room (so it seems) followed immediately by a clap of thunder that hit 5.0 on the Richter scale. 

His birthday is on Tuesday ... he always jokes that he gets ripped off having his birthday so close to Fathers' Day.  But I feel his pain; my birthday is right around Mothers' Day.

David is one of the most extraordinary men that I know.  He is compassionate, giving (and forgiving), kind, of unwavering integrity and faith, fortitude and patience.  He is the Dad of all Dads ... a role model for our children.  He follows the "Andy Griffith" school of parenting ... which I think beats Dr. Spock hands down.  We are all so blessed to have him in our lives ... as our dad, and as my husband.  I am truly, truly privileged to have him as my partner.

Okay, gushing over.  Happy Fathers' Day, David!

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