Thursday, June 9, 2005

Championship Game

The game that was rained out on Saturday was played on Sunday afternoon.  After sitting all season wrapped in blankets because we were freezing, we literally BAKED at this game.  90+ degrees, 1000% humidity.  Christian did great ... caught some pop flies, made some put-outs at first.  And we won .. sending the Twins to the semi-finals.  The Semi game was played Wednesday night ... as we watched the thunderclouds approach, then veer off, thank goodness.  Made for quite a pleasant evening.  We triumphed over the Cubs ... after starting off with a terrible inning:  bat ... out ... bat ... out.  But we came back and won decisively over a very tough team that had some great batters and even better defensive players.  But we have some real power hitters on our team.

Tonight:  the championship game.  It started off with the ominous thunderclouds again, but we felt optimistic.  Until the start of the bottom of the 1st inning ... when the bottom fell out!  Literally!  The boys continued to play for a little while, as we all hurriedly gathered our chairs and stuff and ran for the shelter.  Then we sat in the shelter and watched the fields slowly get covered with water.  No game tonight!

It's a shame, because we were batting to beat the band ... lots of balls were sent way out into the outfield, and between the legs of the outfielders.  I think I saw a look of "ho boy" on the coaches for the other team.  Christian was able to get to a sleepover earlier, though ... I had also hauled out the entire Branch family to watch the game!  Well, we can haul 'em out again tomorrow!!  Melanie enjoyed running around in the rain ...

David & Quentin leave in less than 2 weeks for Kazakhstan.  I have decided to book a condo at the beach for a week while they are gone, so we're not wandering around the empty house, missing them!! 

Other than all the baseball excitement, it's been a quiet week.  Colin finally out of school, and we're all catching up on the sleep we've lost over the past 10 months! 

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