Thursday, May 5, 2005


The CNN Headline News ticker version of the last few days:

- The Branches take in a stray puppy that they found at the bus stop.  Colin prints up fliers and pastes them all over the neighborhood, but I suspect she was dumped.  The kids name her Margie, but Boudreaux makes a unilateral decision that she will not stay.  She is currently in the adopt-a-pet program with the Cornelius police department.  The Branch kids are in mourning.  Mom is in the doghouse (ha!)

- Mom makes a brave attempt to be in two places at once, but fails miserably.  Christian's game and Lisa's musical at church are held at the same time.  Mom manages to see the first 1/2 of Lisa's program, and the last 1/2 of Christian's game.  Hope they don't feel neglected.

- Home improvements are in the works ... new countertops, losing some wallpaper, gaining some paint, a new cooktop and blinds.  News at 11.

-  Melanie continues to go to speech therapy twice a week ... some words are starting to come together.

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