Sunday, April 3, 2005

West and Welaxation

Hello ... dusting the cobwebs off the site ... we are back from a week at the Outer Banks of NC.  It was COLD.  Cold and windy, with a little warm thrown in now & then.  And did I say foggy?  You could literally see it rolling in from the sea, covering the dunes until you couldn't see the breakers.  We had a perfectly lovely, relaxing, lazy-bum time.  Our house was perfect ... beds and TV's for everyone ... plus a hot tub, which was great since the pool was icy and out of the question. 

We took the ferry to Ocracoke Island (why can't anyone pronounce it??) which is quite bohemian, climbed to the top of the Hatteras Lighthouse (yes, even me, scared to death of heights), ate seafood, seafood, seafood.  We flew kites on the beach, napped on the beach (bundled up) and hung out on our deck in the hammock swing.  Boudreaux the dog came with us, and has proved himself a great traveler.  He and I got slammed by a rogue wave on a walk one day ... wish I'd had my video camera.  He looked quite bemused!  David's brother Bill and crew were there for a couple of days, in Nag's Head, so we got some family time, too.  We even visited Jockey's Ridge and the Wright Brothers museum (although it was about to close when we got there).  It was tough to see the world news during the week ... Terri Shiavo died while we were there, and of course the Pope.  Sad times. 

Now it's back to the rat race ... and it will be a shotgun start this week with several doctor appointments for several of the kids.  Now I will bore you with pictures from our vacation!  I think one day was shot on Colin's camera, so will post more later.

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