Thursday, April 28, 2005

Volume Discount from the Tooth Fairy?

Last night Christian and Lisa BOTH lost a tooth, and even stranger, it was the same tooth for both!  So the tooth fairy was running ragged last night.  She brought them both a Susan Anthony dollar and a Sacajawea dollar. 

Christian had a baseball game last night, and I think I have dust-induced pneumonia this morning.  We were sitting on the sidelines watching the dust floating in the air, knowing that it was coating our lungs.  And it was WINDY.  So when the boys ran around the bases (which, of course, it being a baseball game, was often) we would be slammed with huge clouds of dust.  And not only that, it was COLD.  Strange combination, you usually associate dust with heat.  So this morning I am coughing like a 2 pack-a-day smoker.  Hack hack.

Was casually chatting with a mom from the opposing team and discovered that her husband and David both went to the same high school in New Orleans (Bonnabel).  Miss Anne (David's mom) taught there, and this guy was in her class!  Small, small world.

Tuesday morning we had "girl group" here.  Three other moms and I have sort of a "cooperative" going on, where we each take a turn keeping the four girls.  We had a blast, baking cookies and playing "beauty shop".  Well, I brushed and fixed the three other little girls' long blonde hair while Melanie, who is still a little hair-challenged, watched.  We danced with the Boobah (a strange creature invented by the same demented minds of the folks who invented Teletubbies ... say no more! ... There was some serious wacky-weed smoking among those people!) and played with Hot Wheels. 

Sunday David and I celebrated our 18th anniversary with a fantastic dinner at the Prickly Pear (The Prickly Pear - Modern Mexican Cuisine) up in Mooresville (do these links work?  We'll see...)  Can't believe how far we've come.  After only dating for three months, we were engaged, and married 8 months after that.  Well, ya know, when it's right it's right.  Why wait?  I know there were some skeptics among our peeps, but we showed them, didn't we?

Today is the first day in a long time that we haven't had to jump up and go somewhere, so I'm being a bum.  Being a bum is good for your heart (or something, I'm sure).  TTFN

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