Friday, April 22, 2005

Long Time No See

I know, I know ... left everyone hanging.  No news is good news.  Nothing to report.  Melanie continues to challenge my parenting skills with her "twoness".  I did buy a "naughty chair" to start using for her defiance and throwing things.  We'll see.  (I've been watching the Supernanny!)  Speech therapy is going well ... it's so hard to have things go so slowly; right now we're just exercising her muscles with blowing bubbles and whistles.  Jamie (her therapist) has sent us home with a flute to blow on, and instructions to use an electric toothbrush to get her used to different sensations in her mouth.  A lot of therapy is eating applesauce and stick crackers, bitten off from the side of her mouth, to get her tongue to move to the side.  All very interesting!

Other than that, not much else is going on!  Quentin is 13 today!!  Of the three boys, his birth was the easiest so I look back on this day with a lot of good memories.  I remember waking up at 3 a.m. knowing that something was going on ... so what did I do?  A load of laundry!  Yep, labor does strange things to women.  Another memory I have is of them wheeling me down the hall to the delivery room, and passing my doctor sitting on a stool, and he was eating a pack of crackers and drinking a coke!  Oh well, gotta grab it when you can!  I was the first in the room to notice that the baby was a boy, and I was the one who shouted, "It's a Boy!"   Happy Birthday, my sweet Quentin!

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