Monday, March 21, 2005

On the Mend

Melanie is MUCH better after a week on antibiotics.  She's got her "sparkle" back, thank goodness!  Today we had our six-month post-placement visit with our social worker, Beth.  It actually won't be 6 months until April, but we have to have it sent to Kazakhstan by then, so we have to do it a little early.  She asked us some basic questions about Melanie's development, how the surgery went, etc.  The Kazakh government wants to know that the children are doing well and are happy in their new homes.  A good thing, I think.

Had a nice weekend away with my friend Mona.  We went to Asheville and stayed in a very nice B&B.  We ate well, slept well and shopped some.  Even climbed a mountain (Chimney Rock -- where "The Last of the Mohicans" was filmed).  We came home yesterday refreshed & rejuvinated.  A slow week this week, appointment-wise.  I have all week to get ready for our spring break trip .. to the Outer Banks.  I'm really looking forward to some ocean time.

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