Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Making Speeches

I'm afraid that from here on out my posts will be few & far between ... for good reason!  Melanie has just turned into a regular old kid, and for a couple of years, at least, there won't be much to report on the cleft palate front.  We started speech on Monday, and will continue 2X a week.  Right now the therapist isn't working too much on her actual speech, as she is still healing from the surgery.  Instead she is teaching her new sign language, so that she can communicate until she is completely healed.  It really looks like playtime to me!  When things are better, she can start blowing through straws and such to develop the muscle in her upper lip.  Her pucker is weak, apparently!  I think "kiss" therapy is definitely in order.

We had a little playgroup over yesterday ... two other little girls in the neighborhood spent the morning here.  They had fun pushing each other around the house on Melanie's little ride-along toy, and playing with Hot Wheels cars.  No gender specific toys in this house!

I did get Melanie a spot in preschool this fall, 2 days a week.  I think she will love it; she is so social .. whenever anyone comes to the door, she runs to greet them with outstretched arms.  Even waitresses in restaurants get a dose of her charm.  She just turns it on wherever she goes.  What an amazing kid.

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