Sunday, March 13, 2005

Birthdays Galore!

Phew!  Maybe we need to have our heads examined .. two parties in one day??  Actually it was the "divide and conquer" theory.  David takes the "boy party" to the movies after ice cream and cake, and Liz has the "girl party" at the house.  Voila!  Two birds done in with one stone.

So ... after running around in the back yard shrieking and yelling, armed with rifles made out of sticks duct-taped together, playing Daniel Boone or Rambo, or somewhere in between, the (six) boys came in to hype up on sugar.  It's a bad sign when I'm handing out the juice boxes and one kid says, "I'm not allowed to have FD&C red dye #2.  It makes me hyper."  I'm thinking to myself, " mean MORE hyper?"  David takes off with them to see "Robots".  As I wave them off in the driveway, listening to the growing decibel level coming out of the car, I think that David has gotten the short end of the stick!

Meanwhile, I have prepared quite a proper tea party for Lisa's crowd:  tea sandwiches, lemon scones, strawberry cake with cream, herbal tea.  (One girl said, "My mom won't let me have tea" but I reassured her it had no caffeine in it).  Man these kids sure are aware of their dietary restrictions!  Anyway ... the girls were very quiet and reserved, doing their crafts, and having their tea.  It was only when we dragged out the pinata that their real selves came out.  We're talking major hostility stored up in these little ladies!  Kathleen (who had come to help me .. did you really think I was doing this all alone??) risked life and limb holding the pinata ... after the handle broke, she was actually holding it in her hand!  Gosh, I hope her dad paid those insurance premiums!

Anyway ... it was a fun day, with beautiful spring-like weather, and as we collapsed with fatigue, we felt like we had done a good job.  The kids were happy, and Pizza Hut served us dinner.  Now, all done until next year.  No...that would be until April, when Quentin turns 13.  Please tell me he's not planning a sleepover ...

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