Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ups and Downs

Melanie continues to mend.  She has trouble breathing through her nose, either because of swelling or the splint in her nose.  We see Dr. Matthews this afternoon for a check-up, maybe he can shed a little light.  I continue to torture her several times a day with saline irrigation and aspiration.  Amazing how forgiving she is.  One minute she's madder than heck at me, and the next she is clinging to my neck.  Maybe she thinks the "bad" lady who squirts stuff up her nose is different from the "good" lady who holds her afterwards.  I have noticed that her temper tantrums have increased in intensity since last week; the slightest thing will set her off.  For heaven's sake, do you blame her?  She has been sleeping well, in spite of her breathing difficulties.  Last night it was after 10 before she finally dropped off, but then treated me this morning to sleeping in until 9:40.  After I got the kids off to school, I ran back to bed and got in my necessary REM sleep.  Aaaahhhh.

We've booked a house on the Outer Banks for spring break.  We've never been before, although Colin went last year for his 8th grade trip.  He'll be the appointed tour guide.  I know it won't be tropical warm, but I kinda like the beach in cooler weather, and I won't be forced to cram my winter body into a bathing suit.  Perfect!

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