Thursday, February 3, 2005

Full Court Press

Here is a link to the guys at University Oral Surgery ... they are awesome, awesome, awesome.  I am way past pumped:

Dr. Spagnoli sat down with us for almost an hour, telling me about their philosophy in approaching cleft palate repairs: the bottom line is there are no prima donnas in their practice, and the child is the star.  The parent is part of the team, and will sit in on any meetings the team has. 

After looking at Melanie and talking about her history, he sped out the door to the appointments desk, and in a few short minutes I had dates with a speech pathologist, ENT (to check her hearing and to determine if she will need PE tubes), orthodontist (to take the barbaric metal bar out of her mouth) and we were put on the schedule for the Feb. 18 cleft team meeting at their office.  He said time is of the essence, as 15 months is the cut-off for beginning speech therapy for optimum results.  But it's not too late for Melanie .. we just need to get it done.  THIS is the concern and understanding that I have been looking for.

The ENT is the same one who did Lisa's surgery back in September.  And who did David's nose surgery back a few years.  Great guy.

I walked into the office for the appointment, and their receptionist used to work for our dentists here in Huntersville.  I almost gave her a hug in my euphoria about the "signs" that I have been getting about this being the right place for us.

So .. we have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us!  In the meantime, Melanie has come down with her first cold ... she is running like a faucet, combined with the drooling from the appliance in her mouth ... well, I don't have to paint you a picture.  Quentin has been sick all week too with a flu-like thing, and Lisa is hacking her head off.  I made an executive decision to cancel our trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and David is flying down there solo.  I think it's best for everyone ... including me.  I had nightmare visions of needing a doctor in the middle of New Orleans ... not going there.

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