Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday Musings

Okay, if your curiosity has been peaked about my political leanings, I have created another AOL journal where I can write about such things.  This journal is all about Melanie, after all, and politics doesn't belong here.  The link is listed on the left ... but for the record, the address is:

I have just about pulled my last hair out over Dr. Matthews.  I got a phone call from his office administrator on Friday saying that their office is still under construction, and he doesn't have any insurance contracts in place.  I can't believe that he didn't have all this stuff underway before he left the other practice.  The lady on Friday said that he wouldn't be taking any new appointments until the middle of February!!!  Astonished isn't a strong enough word .. I feel that we have been dropped in mid-treatment.  Melanie has this metal bracket in her mouth and has no speech (to speak of, no pun intended!) and I have a slight sense of URGENCY to get her surgery done!  I hate having things up in the air .. I always need to have ducks lined up, or I start to panic.  Probably a symptom of my borderline personality!  I guess I have lived most of my life up in the air, and now I need my feet on the ground to feel secure. 

I find myself yelling at the kids a lot, and feeling out of control.  I feel like I can't find my "rhythm" ... and I know it's (1) still adjusting to having five children, and (2) my "ticked-off-ness" at Dr. M.  So ...

At the recommendation of another cleft parent, I went online to find out about another cleft team in Winston-Salem.  W-S is about 1-1/2 hours from here, but it takes me an hour to get to Dr. M's office (the old one, anyway), so what's another 30 minutes, I thought?  HOWEVER, in my searching I came across another cleft team HERE IN CHARLOTTE!  In the University area, to boot, which is practically around the corner, and I see they are opening a Lake Norman office this spring!  And I thought Dr. M. was "it".  I am anxiously waiting for office hours so I can give them a call!  The best thing is most of the doctors appear to have graduated from LSU School of Medicine!!  A sign?  Coincidence?  (we are big LSU fans, David having goneto grad school there, and me being from Baton Rouge and my mom works at the LSU graduate school) .. (David laughed and said "is that a good thing?"  Ha ha).  For some reason I already feel optimistic ... report on the call to follow (assuming they aren't closed for the holiday).

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ssgrueser said...

Dear Branches,
I have been following your website since October.  My daughter is adopting a child from Kazakhstan - Taldy Korgan.  She was notified today.  The child is about 20 months and has a cleft palate.  The child has been turned down twice; so we are curious.  We were wondering if you may have seen the child (a girl) and know something about her.  Please contact me at  I would like to talk with you, if possible.

Ed Grueser

PS:  My daughter is single.  She is using CHI, the organization that Christie and Correy used.