Friday, January 28, 2005

Can you spell "prehensile"?

Good Morning, Vietnam!  (Surely I have some readers in Ho Chi Minh City ...?)  Another quiet morning here in la-la land, no appointments to go to or impulse shopping to do (well, it's still early).  Melanie and I had lunch with my Wednesday group on <surprise!> Wednesday, and a friend overheard me talking about one of the doctors at University.  She said, "Oh, he's the one who did my jaw surgery last year!"  Okay, okay, already!  I get the message!  It's meant to be!  No more lightning bolts are necessary.

My dear son Quentin won the spelling bee at Southlake last week!  It was quite an accident, seeing as he didn't even know it was being held, and a friend of his talked him into entering, just for the heck of it.  And Quentin sweeped (swept?) the whole thing!  Go figure.  Yesterday I had to have him at a school in South Charlotte by 4:00, for the Independent Schools spelling bee.  He was so nervous ... but did quite well with words like "cosmetic", "Inca", "siesta" and such.  But finally went down in flames with "prehensile".  (Pre-WHAT?)  We looked it up when we got home, and it means "able to grasp" or something like that.  Something to do with having opposable thumbs.  You know, like us and the apes.  Betchya he won't forget that word!  But he was 7th, not too shabby overall.  Other kids went out with "mountebank" and "osteocyte".  Sheesh.  The girl who won (who went to the school where it was being held .. hmmmm ..) got some incredibly easy words, like "liturgy".  Luck of the draw?  Poor girl from another Christian school misspelled "Protestant".  Thought that was pretty ironic!

In the middle of the competition I thought to myself, "I'd better turn off my cell phone ... here I sit in the sanctuary of a church school, and if my phone goes off with my ringtone, which is the theme from 'Sex and the City'...".  Lightning bolts, indeed!

Colin won the spelling bee at his middle school two years ago, and competed in the bee sponsored by the Charlotte Observer.  That was pretty cool ... 100+ kids from schools all over the county, and he came in third!  Missed the word "dicerous" which I can't find in any dictionary.  Last year he came in 2nd, losing on the word "speleologist". 

My poor stomach can't handle the stress of these spelling bees.  They are really intense.  One of the words yesterday was "antacid", and I thought "what I need right now".

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