Thursday, December 2, 2004

New Pictures!

My mom just mailed me copies of the pictures she took of our week in Almaty.  I promised I would post the pictures of my equestrian adventure on Republic Day ... here they are! 

Today is our appointment with the orthodontist, who will put a palate expander in Melanie's mouth.  She has been so happy and cheerful these last few weeks ... I hate that we have to start inflicting pain on her, but I know it must be done.  I just hope that it's not too bad for her.  I need to buy stock in Childrens' Motrin.

I and the older boys worked at the processing center for Operation Christmas Child last night ... we sorted through hundreds of shoe boxes filled with gifts that people all over the country had packed for children in developing countries.  The boxes we worked on last night were headed for Eritrea ... I noticed on the map as we were leaving that they send 300,000 boxes to Kazakhstan.  Having just been there, and seen the faces of the Kazakh children, it brought new meaning to the holiday for me. 

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