Friday, December 17, 2004

Is the Honeymoon Over?

This week has been tough.  I guess things have been clicking along ever since we got home, with no complications, so I got spoiled, thinking, "This is a piece of cake!  I'm a champion mom!  I should win an award!"  Ha ... pride comes before the fall, eh?  Not that we have had serious complications, just "stuff" ... I developed some kind of sinus crud over the weekend, and stayed home to rest most of the time.  Sunday evening David took off to Atlanta for an early Monday meeting, and I had to go to cotillion with Quentin for "parents' night". (note: Cotillion is something that parents torture their children with; it's a class where they learn to dance and how to have manners ... Quentin would rather be boiled alive than go to cotillion, even though it's only once a month.  He started whining about it Sunday afternoon and I lost it ... I grabbed his arms and said, "Stop acting like a dern ... stubborn ... <brain fart> WHATEVER!" which sent us both into peals of laughter.  A nice way to cut the tension).  Anyway ... Monday morning I had to go to a brunch with a dish and a gift and Melanie, by 9 a.m., which was an incredible Christmas miracle that I made it on time.  All the while still feeling sinusy and generally crappy.  Wednesday was nuts too, with a doctor's appointment (more about that later) in the morning, teacher conference at Colin's school at 2:30.  I had arranged for my friend Mona to keep Melanie at 2:00 so put her to bed at 12 for her nap, thinking an hour is better than nothing.  Well she cooed and sang and beat on the wall before finally falling asleep at ... yep, you guessed it, 1:30.  Then back up at 2 ... and I'm dragging, because I didn't sleep well the night before because of the sinus crap.  (Crap really isn't a bad word is it?  Because I never use bad words ...)  That night, a moms' party, another gift and another dish (which I was happy to do ... and had a great time; don't mean to be a "dern whiney whatever")  Oh and don't forget Colin to tutoring at 6. 

Wed. night I got NO sleep at all because my kind husband offered me a pill for my congestion that apparently had ephedra in it because I was buzzing all freakin' night long.  (Not his fault, don't hold it against him!)  Up and down, on the couch in the living room, back to my bed.  Up at dawn to start the day ... feeling like chopping my head off. 

Drove down to see Dr. Rider again (1 hour drive) then back home, put Melanie to bed, and slept hard for 3 hours, thank goodness.  Then had an appointment at 5 back in Charlotte again, with Dr. Matthews, the surgeon, who pronounced Melanie ready for surgery.  Which will be sometime in January ... after he moves into his new office.  Wherever that may be?

Back to the dr's appointment on Wed.  I met with a new guy here in Huntersville who has opened an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice here, specializing in, among other things, cleft palate surgery.  He was great to talk to, showed me pictures, gave me lots of information, but I think we will stick to Dr. Matthews.  Just because he is established and I don't really want to be the first patient in a surgeon's brand-new practice.  (Even though he's been practicing for 6 years in PA).  At any rate, he is not an MD, but a DDS, even though he did a residency in oral surgery.  Don't know how those qualifications compare with an MD.  Anyway ... that is that.  But I did want to meet him.

This morning I wake up to the sound of Christian vomiting next to my bed.  I leap into action with the buckets and the sprite.  After he threw up all morning I found some phenergan suppositories from when Lisa had her tonsils out and popped him one.  I think he's feeling a little better. 

I got a call right in the middle of that that my neighbor had a dead battery and would I mind driving over to give her a jump?  Not at all!  I threw Melanie in the car, told Christian I'd be right back.  We came to the conclusion that it wasn't the battery after all, so while we were moving her kids to my car, so she can borrow my car, I accidently slammed Melanie's finger in the door.  YIKES.  The planets are definitely out of whack today.  I'm guessing that I'll get a shower later on this afternoon, but I'm not going to hold my breath about that.

As my dad says, "This too shall pass!"  And so it will.  And I'll look back on this time and laugh.  Promise!

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