Sunday, December 5, 2004

I Love a Parade ...

Melanie continues to tolerate the palate expander very well!  She is drooling a lot, which I can certainly understand, but it has not slowed her down or kept her from eating or sleeping well.  Thank goodness!!  She is very vocal these days, but unfortunately can only say "Mah!  Mah!"  I know she wants to talk so much ... she keeps pointing and gesturing.  My heart just breaks for her.  I can't wait to hear her voice; I know that with lots of patience and therapy we will hear it some day!

*** Forgot to mention that I took Melanie in for a haircut on Friday.  She had the shaggy remnants of the "orphanage hair" and I had just about had enough of it.  We had arrived at the baby house one day on haircut day .. each child was taken into the bathroom and we could hear screaming inside.  They would come out freshly shorn .. as best as the babysitters could do, I suppose.  Anyway ... Melanie liked getting a haircut about as much as she enjoyed having the palate expander put in her mouth.  She bucked and screamed and pitched, ruining the relaxing atmosphere for a couple of women who were having perms or colors.  You would have thought we were cutting her arms off!  But now she looks very cute (if not like a little boy .. bring on the pink bows!)

Saturday Christian's cub scout pack was in the Davidson Christmas parade.  Both Colin and Quentin were in the parade in years past with their packs.  One year I was a den leader and WALKED the entire parade with my boys.  IN THE RAIN.  This year they rode on a flatbed trailer being pulled by a monster truck.  The weather was warm-ish and sunny, a perfect day for a picnic along the parade route.  Melanie was fascinated by all the sounds (some of them like the police cars and fire trucks REALLY loud!) and sights and colors.  She crashed in the car on the way home ... and was therefore up pretty late last night. 

Today is "decorate for Christmas" day ... David is out in the 60 degree weather (what a great place we live!) putting up the lights and the plastic snowman.  Nothing but quality decorations for this family!  Colin is assembling the artificial tree (which I swore I would never have in my house ... never say never I say!)  Actually we are going to be in Mississippi for Christmas so we don't want to put a real tree/fire hazard in the front hall.

This week we will seethe pediatric orthopedic surgeon about Melanie's hip.  Orthodontist appointments for the two older boys, another visit to Melanie's orthodontist, and more vaccinations for her as well.  More updates to follow.

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