Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Quickie Update

Sorry to leave everyone hanging.  Just like a soap opera, eh?  Let's see ... Melanie's chest x-ray, as I expected, was negative.  The pediatrician is supposed to call me tomorrow to discuss our next move.  I spoke with a friend whose husband is a pulmonologist, and he recommended the abx course.  Seems that the side effects are not as evil in children.  Furthermore, I probably won't have a choice, according to the health dept.  So, onward we go.

Last week was our appointment with the orthodontist.  I had written a long missive about it last week, forgot I had left it on the screen of the "real" computer, then signed on to the laptop, and <poof!> it disappeared into cyber never-never land.  The doctor was wonderful ... reminded me of a kindly grandfather, and his staff was so nice!  They took an impression of her mouth (she loved it as much as the x-ray!) and took pictures of her.  They used these little retractors to open her mouth, about which she was overjoyed as well.  He is going to discuss his plans with the surgeon and get back to me.  Probably after the holidays.

Saturday we went to the auto show in downtown Charlotte.  We definitely need a bigger vehicle, and wanted to see the whole spectrum without annoying salespeople following us around.  The Ford Excursion is OBSCENELY big, but seems to be a good fit for a family with three soon-to-be teenaged boys.  Jeez, I wonder if you have to have a bus drivers' license to drive it.  Land Yacht, indeed!  I think the front of the car turns the corner about 15 minutes before the rear.  <sigh> And I used to think our Honda Accord was too big (having driven a Chevette all through college -- I called it my 'Vette and no one was the wiser!)

I survived my first solo test flight with five kids last week.  I think I did quite well ... no one lost any limbs, and I'm not in a padded cell.  They are all really good kids down deep ... I am so fortunate.  We have so much to be thankful for this year ... we're home.  Okay, so the dog tracked mud all over the carpet, the kitchen is a mess, but it's HOME.  We aren't planning anything fancy for Thanksgiving, it'll just be us.  And the kids won't eat anything that's strange looking, so perhaps a fine feast of turkey and macaroni and cheese?

Happy Turkey Day!

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