Friday, November 12, 2004

Party Girl

Today was Melanie's brunch with all of our neighborhood friends.  They were so sweet to do this for us .. Melanie now has a whole wardrobe of cool winter clothes, plus some excellent toys and books!  She was so cute opening the clothes; she would hold them up to her cheek and say, "Awww..."  She stood there the whole time helping me open the presents, and played fairly well with the other kids.

Melanie's bloodwork came back all negative!  Today we went in to have her TB test done; we'll go back and have it read on Monday.  Also I spoke on the phone to a new surgeon here in Huntersville who also specializes in cleft l&p, and I have an appointment to meet him on Monday.  It'll be nice to have a second opinion.

The night after her shots, Melanie was up most of the night with a fever.  She didn't know what had hit her, I think.  Some tylenol helped to ease her a little ... but man were we all dragging yesterday.  Last night she slept for 12 hours straight, and I had to wake her up at 9 to go to the party!  Feast or famine, I guess. 

Not much else to report ... we're looking forward to a nice easy weekend.  Wanna bet she won't sleep until 9 Saturday???

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