Monday, November 8, 2004

I Could Have Slept All Night ...

... and still have begged for more!  We got the REAL crib down from the attic last night (as opposed to the pack-n-play) and Melanie slept from 8:00 to 6:30.  Can you say aaaaahhhhh!?  The poor thing was plain uncomfortable in that skimpy portable crib!  Or maybe she was just plumb sleep-deprived and it finally caught up with her.  At any rate, I don't care why, just am happy that she did. 

Yesterday our social worker had a little gathering for all of the families that she worked with.  It was at an indoor water park; Melanie loved the water! 

Overall, our first week has gone well.  I even got industrious and took Melanie to church yesterday and she went to Sunday school for the first time.  Not a whimper.  She acts as though she has lived here her whole life. 

This will be a busy week .. we have an appointment with the cleft surgeon on Tuesday, and the regular pediatrician on Wednesday.  I hope there's not too much poking and prodding!   At first Melanie was a little wary around Colin & Quentin, but yesterday she held her arms up to Colin and he was so happy to pick her up.  This morning she wanted Quentin to get her out of her high chair.  We all said, "Awwww!" 

Off to start our day!! 

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