Friday, November 5, 2004

Ain't DSL Wonderful?

Found the camera!  It was hidden in some dark recess of one of the suitcases.  Thank goodness!  My apologies to Gulnara, who really went far beyond the call of duty looking for it.  Thanks to DSL, I was able to get some pictures to load here in about 10 seconds flat.  They are miscellaneous ones from the end of our trip, in Taldy and in Almaty ... there seems to be some kind of smudge on my lens for the last ones; someone with sticky fingers was handling the camera!  Hmm...wonder who?  We are settling in here at home ... although Melanie still isn't sleeping that well.  I can't complain though; we've been home less than a week.  Who wouldn't have a touch of jet-lag?  It's good to sleep in my bed and get caught up with the kids.  They all seem to love Melanie; especially Lisa, who loves being a big sister!  I have more help than I can use! 

My in-laws will fly home today.  I know they are anxious to be back in THEIR home, and in their own bed.  It's been a marathon for them, especially with my FIL in the hospital.  To say that it was stressful for them would be a huge understatement. 

More later when the fog lifts!!

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