Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Man, nothing chaps me more ...

...than typing a long entry on the weblog, and hitting enter, only to have it say “Page can’t be found” and the words are gone into computer never-never land.  Well I’ve learned my lesson … first type a word document, then cut & paste.  I don’t know what the deal was this afternoon.  A TaldyKorgan poltergeist in the works?


Let’s see.  Yesterday afternoon we had our usual visit with Melanie.  Then we set out to eat dinner at the Hessen Pub with the American family from Virginia.  They are very nice, and we had a feast of pizza, sausages, some chicken dish, and little chicken nuggets-on-a-stick.  And salad.  And beer.  Oh my goodness are we well fed!  It was nice to compare stories and just get acquainted.


We came home and did a little reading, then lights out at about 9:30.  We were woken at 7:30 this morning by our usual phone call from home, where we got caught up on all the goings-on in Huntersville.  Everyone seems to be holding up just fine.  Our morning visit was as usual … outside in the courtyard.  The weather seems to be in a holding pattern: warm, sunny and beautiful.  I think it was in the high 80’s today.   Melanie was her adorable self, of course, but I think there’s a virus going around in her groupa.  Most of the kids were lying on the floor listlessly, coughing and rattling.  Poor babies.  Melanie seems to have escaped it so far, although she has a little runny nose.  We actually took her for a ride in Aida’s car!  We drove to the grocery store (produkti) to get a few things.  Then back to the baby house.  Melanie didn’t make a peep!  Yesterday we came across a group loading up into a van, and three of the kids were shrieking with terror!  I imagine that would be a little scary to a little person who’d never been in a car (machine) before!


We took it easy in the afternoon.  Aida came again at 3 to take us to an art gallery.  We saw some pretty “interesting” abstract pieces of art.  A lot of symbolism and paintings of Mosques and camels.


We were at the baby house by 4 p.m. where we met with the doctor.  I had a list of questions to ask, and all were answered positively.  Basically Melanie is healthy as a horse, other than a couple of bouts with bronchitis.  And of course the surgery needed on her palate.  I already have an appointment with Dr. Matthews the week after we return to the US.


Another machine ride, and we were off to the park!  There was a collection of carnival rides that looked like they had been around for a few decades…a ferris wheel, etc.  There were quite a few people milling about enjoying the weather.  It’s hot, but the leaves are changing and falling from the trees.  Unusual combination.  As we sat on a park bench, a couple approached us and tried to chat with us, but darn it, my Russian was buried somewhere in my occipital lobe and inaccessible.  I think they asked where we lived and why our daughter was a “Kazakska”.  I didn’t have an answer for that!  Adoption isn’t real popular here, and we’re trying to keep a low profile.  Oh, yeah, so what were we doing at a public park??  I dunno!!


Tomorrow Aida hinted that we may have a picnic at a waterfall.  Until then!  Dasvidanya!

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