Monday, October 4, 2004

Just like Herding Cats....

David here...I actually wrested the keyboard from Liz!   We had a great morning, but I don't know what the kids were fed for breakfast, but they were full of beans this morning during our "laps" around the babyhouse.  It was another beautiful morning, so when we arrived, Melanie's groupa was getting dressed to go outside.  I tell you, these women that work here have the patience of Job...just think how hard it is to get one toddler dressed, and they are getting 12 dressed at the same time!  As we started our walk, Melanie, Damir, Nursaltan, Alisher, and Aigerim took off in 5 different directions...and it was like that the whole morning.  As soon as you would chase one down, another would cut from the herd and take off.   I was wore out by the time we got back to their room. 

Anyway, Liz is dying to say something...I just wanted to prove that I am here!

Liz:  Yes, David is definitely here, otherwise I would be up the creek without a computer.  Yesterday was a national holiday for teachers, so while the children were sleeping, we presented several caregivers with a beautiful cake and tea.  We chatted for quite a while (through Aida of course) about our parenting philosophy and other heavy matters. 

After tea we went outside again ... I wonder if they ever have bad weather here?  It is picture perfect!  Unfortunately this morning there were quite a few runny noses and coughs among the babies, so there must be some pollen or something floating around.  Melanie has a new trick where she runs to me with both arms wide open and leaps up into my arms for a kiss.  Her smile has enough wattage to light up New York City.  She had on a new dress we had brought yesterday, and she was strutting around like a proud peacock.  With her little white beret and flowered tennis shoes, she is quite the "photo model".

We ran into an American family here with another agency.  They looked quite shell-shocked, as they had just met their new baby for the first time, on a blind referral, after going to another city first.  I hope we will be able to see them.  I'm sure hearing some good old Americanski language would be comforting.  Aida was going to hook us up with a Peace Corps volunteer who lives here too.

Aida's daughter stayed at our apartment with Inna, the cook, while we visited Melanie.  She watched "Finding Nemo" on our laptop four times!  She is just as beautiful as Aida! 

Wow, cat seems to have my tongue ... why is it while we're walking around the Baby House I think of a zillion things to say, but when I'm on the spot ... well ...

Talk to everyone tomorrow!


nancyjjrk said...

David and Liz,
We have really enjoyed keeping up with all your news.  She is beautiful and we can't wait for you guys to get back here and for you to join girl group.  
Now, important news from the 'hood.  The Twins won on Saturday and didn't need their last at bat in the 5th.  We won't talk about Wednesday.  Christian had a good game.  Don't ask me the particulars since I arrived in the 2nd and had children to chase.  The team we beat was the Marlins?  The team Luke is on.  So, we have split the series.  
Sorry about the wierd screen name but everything I thought of was taken so I added thekids initials to the end of my name and poof!  I have a screen name.  Keep the entires coming.  I think you missed your callings, the entries are a hoot you guys!!

Nancy ( and James and John and James and Ryan and Kaylin)

glrappman said...

WOW - what a journal!!  It is really great to hear all the news from KAZ.  I can't wait until you guys get back with Melanie so we can meet her.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you as you get aquainted with Melanie.

With Love,
Gary, Julie, Sarah, CJ, and Michael

mdbeckham said...

I'm so glad you guys arrived safely and FINALLY got to meet and hold your daughter.  See, all the waiting (and paperwork) was worth it.  She is beautiful!   I'm so glad that she has warmed up to you.  I've enjoyed reading your journal and hearing your funny stories.   Take care!


p.s.  I haven't seen your parents sitting on the front steps crying (or screaming) so it looks like all is going well at the Branch home.  Ha Ha.