Wednesday, October 13, 2004

In the Grip of the Grippe

Bad news ... today no pictures because the picture expert is in bed with the Taldy virus that has been going around.  David never gets sick, so I knew that when he started looking very pale and decided to go to bed, he was definitely sick.  I pulled out the SpongeBob thermometer that we brought (for Melanie) and yup ... fever city.  Aida and I went out to buy him some lemons for tea (which they swear help this kind of thing), some 7-Up, and some chicken bouillon.  She took me to a "chemist" where we bought some kind of capsules for influenza.  No telling what's in them, but they were made in Germany, so we figured they couldn't hurt!  Tonight we pull out the big guns ... 800 mg. Ibuprofen that I had from when I was sick before we left.  That should put him into la-la land pretty quick.

This morning when we picked up Melanie we brought her back to the apartment.  Aida helped us sort through our gifts to tell us what would be appropriate for whom.  My friend Jill is a Mary Kay representative in the states, and was quite generous with some donations of samples.  Apparently Mary Kay is like gold here; Aida was excited to see it all, and said that the ladies we gave it to would be very happy!  Meanwhile, Melanie puttered around the apartment, playing very well by herself.  Maybe when we bring her here for good, she'll feel right at home.

Before we went to the baby house, we dropped off a pile of laundry at a "laundry salon" right across the street from our apartment.  The total bill: $2.00.  Man, I wish I could bring that babushka home with me.  We received the clothes back wet, so now we have clothes hanging all around the apartment, but do they ever smell good!   David and I also walked to the grocery store, and boy did I feel like a Martian who had just landed on earth, with all the stares we got.  We are living in a very residential area, and we're quite a spectacle, I'm sure.  Right now I'm listening to the women outside beating their rugs.  There are these metal bars in the shape of a triangle in the courtyard that they hang them on, specifically for this purpose.  Children are still outside playing, even though it's dark. 

Our afternoon visit was a trip to the park, with the rusty ferris wheel.  That was when I noticed David just wilting away, and I knew things didn't look good.  We had planned on having Christie and Corey over for dinner, but we took a rain check.  I'm sure they understand. 

That's about all the news from here; I hope tomorrow we'll have good news about David, and that this grippe doesn't last too long.  (What worries me is that I'm next!  <gulp!>)

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