Friday, October 22, 2004

..And the Rest, as they say, is History

Court went well, no hitches.  Immediate execution was granted due to Melanie's condition.  The judge was an awfully young-looking girl!  We are packing furiously, getting ready to hit the road to ... I mean, Almaty.  We are so happy to be done; but we will miss Aida, and Inna, our chef, and the Baby House ladies.  What a special place!

We'll give more details when we get to Almaty ... US


ckmilone said...

Congrats!! Liz and David  (and Melanie!!)     We've been following your trip faithfully - Thanks for sharing your experiences!   Hope David travels home safely - please know that you and your family are in our Thoughts and Prayer!!   Good Luck and Congratsss on your new family member!  She looks like a sweetie!

Cheryl & Steve  (parents of Nicholas & Cailey,  Uralsk Kaz)

grandma22qtees said...

Congratulations!! We're so happy to hear that all went well. And also very glad to hear that you were granted immediate execution.
It's been a long wait...... but Melanie is now another "new twig" of the Branch family :)
We'll look forward to your postings from Almaty. Safe travels.
Judith, Chris & Aliya Bryanne