Sunday, October 10, 2004

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

No bumps in the night last night.  We stayed up too late watching “The Magnificent Seven” and then “The Making of the Magnificent Seven”.  It was a little cheesy, but a classic.   Our next feature:  “The Quick and the Dead”.  Do you see a “western” theme going on here?  That’s okay, we already watched the chick movie that I brought, “In Love and War”.  (I snuck it in by telling him it was a war movie … snicker, snicker!)


Yesterday afternoon we took Melanie to the main square, where there are two huge fountains, each representing the “Seven Rivers” of this area.  Melanie walked and walked (or should I say ran) and we saw four wedding parties arrive to have their pictures made in front of the fountains.  The brides were beautiful and the grooms shell-shocked.  I guess things are the same around the world in that regard.  (David’s job, he said, at our wedding was to smile and say, “Isn’t she lovely?”  That’s it.)


On the way back to the baby house we bought some more “shashlik” (shishkebab) from our favorite street vendor.  We brought it home, and made some noodles and had a nice quiet dinner.  Then we went to the movies, and to bed.


We did our usual visit this morning, and we’ve started joining Cory & Christy at the park with their son, just to stroll around and be outside.  The weather continues to be just perfect … I can’t believe they ever have bad weather here.  Aida says it’s because we’re here, ha ha.  When we brought Melanie back to the baby house, the kiddies were already sitting at their tables waiting for lunch.  Melanie was scrambling to get down and we couldn’t get her coat off fast enough!  I think I know what the highlight of their day is!


This afternoon we’re planning on shopping for more gifts (this time for the folks back home, so I won’t go into any details) and tonight we’re going to eat Lagman (traditional Kazakh spicy noodles) with Cory & Christy. 


We’re still holding up okay.  I’m trying not to count the days; that would be too depressing.  Leave it to say that we’re under the 2 week mark until court.  Aida hinted that we may bring Melanie to the apartment on Wednesday … so life will change slightly then!  She continues to amaze us with her perky personality and curiosity about the big wide world out there.  She is definitely two … she loves to run away and turn around to check if we’re going to chase her.  I’ve noticed that when she gets sleepy she starts to sing to herself and suck on her tongue. 


That’s all for now …

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