Friday, October 1, 2004

We're treading very carefully, as apparently we can only load pictures at this exact time of the day.  And if we tiptoe, it will work.  You can't be too careful with these delicate electronic processes.  David is standing on one leg, facing east and holding his nose, so we hope for success.

We just ate another delicious lunch prepared by Inna, our cook.  (Who looks like she is about 18 and not too hard on the eyes).  Potato & corn soup, some kind of barley rice dish with pork and Korean carrot salad.  Man oh man.

We had a nice visit this morning with Melanie.  She was dressed in a beautiful red sweater with white tights.  Her group was on its way outside so we bundled her up and went along.  It was funny how this one poor caregiver was herding the babies right and left.  Perhaps a horse or a sheep dog would have helped.  David and I did our part, and have learned most of the babies' names.  One of the little girls is being adopted by a family from Spain.  They don't speak English, and my Spanish is rudimentary at best, so we communicate with nods and smiles.

This afternoon, Karim, our driver, is taking us to the bazaar before our afternoon visit.  Should be interesting!  Aida, our interpreter, was called to Almaty to work, so we are on our own.  His English is about as good as my Russian.  But he is very friendly and eager to please. 

Last night we watched an episode of the Andy Griffith Show, which made us feel a little comfort of home.  Now we have an Eagles CD running in the background.  All in all, it's a quiet life we're leading here.  We're safe, comfortable and happy!  We have a peaceful, easy feeling.... now, cross your fingers that this entry will load!


taldykmom said...

Liz and David,
Well, Malanie definitely is all smiles now when you come to visit.  Loved the latest pictures!  Glad to hear all is well in KAZ.
Pat Ameling and Company

pinecondo said...

Hi Liz,

Love following your story.  It is wonderful!  Thought I'd give you an update:  Lorri was due at the hospital this morning at 5:30  to go into surgery again.  Shelly was taking her.  Lorri actually took a walk over to my house yesterday to visit--she definitely was getting a little stir crazy!  She did great though!  She has a positvie attitude going into today's surgery which is always a positive!   Hopefully if all goes well, she will be home tomorrow.  Shelly will stay overnight with her and then a bunch of us will be taking shifts with her from Sunday on for a few days to make sure she is taking her medication when she needs it, eating, etc.  Gary will be talking to the doctor after surgery today and then will call me and let me know so I can pass on the info to everyone.

Have a wonderful time.  Best to all of you!!!!  Jill

pinecondo said...

I just sent the last entry and as I did the phone rang and it was Gary.  Lorri got thru surgery fine.  They re-did the connections to her spine and her pump is now working and she's getting her meds.  They are going to keep her overnight for observation.  But the doctor was pleases with everything so that is good news.  I will call her later this afternoon to see how she is feeling.  Will keep you posted!


poleebay2 said...

Hi Liz and David!  This is great being able to follow your trip and chat with you!  Melanie looks wonderfull!  It also looks like she's taking to both of you well. ? ?  I can't believe you ate white potatoes and rice!!  How cold is it there?  Are things progressing like you hoped?  Is the CM Filemate filling up already?  It's great to hear what's going on with you!  Take care - Jodi