Monday, September 27, 2004

We're ... Off to see the Wizard ...

As Hurricane Jeanne creeps up the Eastern seaboard towards Charlotte, I can only hope that the eyewall will pass directly over us at the exact time that our plane departs.  Of course it's only a tropical depression (or maybe just in a blue funk by now) but they are calling for gusty winds, tornadoes and rain.  <sigh>  What next?  I'm trying to be optimistic.  Other than illnesses and threatening weather, things have been very smooth.  We are all packed, clothes laid out, documents loaded, electronics charged up.  And I think all of our bags fall far below the dreaded 70 lb. weight limit.   I don't guess there's anything else to report, other than see ya in Almaty, or perhaps Frankfurt.  I hear their internet cafe is da bomb!  (Oops, no jokes about bombs please ...)

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coolkellye said...

Hey, have a good flight!

The weather didn't get to bad around here, although it did rain. A lot. They cancelled all of the after school activities today, just in case.

Hope your flight didn't get delayed. That is no fun. @_@

Talk to you soon,

(PS: I now have my own computer. Talk to you soon!