Thursday, September 16, 2004

Update on the Chaos

Well, okay, not complete chaos, just moderate.  We received a 23 page missive from WPA with our departure checklist.  Visas, plane reservations, you name it.  Yesterday I zipped downtown to meet David to get passport pictures taken (for the visas).  Ran home to fill out the forms, write a cover letter, get a money order from the bank.  Then ran to Fed-Ex to send everything off.  Realized I forgot to enclose a document.  Back towards home ... meanwhile the clock is ticking ... have to be back for the last pickup at 5 p.m.  Get caught in a detour that takes me waaay out of my way.  I'm squeezing the steering wheel in agony.  Rush into the house.  Get the forgotten document.  Back to Fed-Ex ... make it!  (God I hope it's filled out right!!)  Back home to get Christian to get ready for 6 p.m. baseball game.  Collect equipment for game, snacks for game, grab his uniform out of the dryer (is it dry yet??)  Lisa insists on bringing the dog to the game; I have no energy to argue.  I'll give you three guesses who ended up taking care of the dog at the game.  Right.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... lots of phone calls between Charlotte and Baton Rouge (and remember there's a hurricane bearing down on B.R.) with my mom trying to figure out her itinerary (she's meeting us in Almaty for the last week of the trip) ... phone calls to England to see if she can crash with friends there before flying to Almaty.  Nope, they'll be in Mexico.  Poor Mom has to fly straight through.  Ugh.  David pulling his hair out with the airlines ... it's an 'If this, then that' or 'If not this, then that' situation.  Should he stay in Kaz. the whole time or come home after court?  Sheesh.   I am comatose by 9 p.m.  Luckily I deal with stress by sleeping. 

Today ... I put our photo albums together.  The judges and caregivers in Kaz. like to see pictures of where the child will be living.  So I and my memory stick will be spending the day at CVS Pharmacy in their photo department.  Now why did I leave this chore to the very last minute???

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