Saturday, September 25, 2004

By request

Nothing crucial to post today.  I kept getting worse and worse ... the pain spread to my ear (got a nasty wake up call at 4:30 a.m. ... no wonder babies scream in pain when they have earaches!)  800 mg. of Ibuprofen made it a little better, so I could go back to sleep.  David took Christian to his baseball game, and I called the doctor to see if they could see me on a Saturday.  Luckily, they could!!  Turns out it's not strep after all, just a nasty virus ... so she gave me a big humongous shot in my, <ahem> "hip" (and a Snoopy band-aid too!) and oral steroids.  I should be good to go now!  Golly, I hope they don't check for performance-enhancing drugs in adoption!  They might be a little suspicious when I start growing a beard and lifting 500 lb. weights though.   I did some more shopping (man it's fun to spend money like it's water ... I expect that this will all come back to bite us in the <ahem> "hip", eventually.

Anne has packed two entire duffel bags, each only weighing around 40 pounds!  Amazing.  I haven't even looked at what clothes to take yet; guess that will be tomorrow's chore. 

Tonight I helped Christian make a clay model of a mud dauber wasp for his insect project, and typed up his report.  He was pleased as punch!  I think we did an awesome job!


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