Wednesday, July 28, 2004

July 28, 2004

If you're interested in seeing more pictures of our trip to Kazakhstan in 2001, we have a photo album at  Yahoo has been acting a little nutty these days, but maybe that's just my dinosaur of a computer?  You'll see an album about a trip that David took last August (2003) to Uralsk.  A team from WPA traveled there to build a playground at Lisa's baby house, and another at an orphanage for older children outside of Uralsk.  David will be scouting in Taldy-Korgan on our upcoming trip for locations to build a playground there in 2005. 

We had Christmas in July yesterday, which arrived via the FedEx man ... a long video of Melanie taken by our new best friends, the Pearls.  They have just returned from Taldy-Korgan with their new daughter, Abby, and were able to take some awesome shots of Melanie and a little friend.  In the video we have evidence that Melanie has LUNGS!  The caregiver lifts her up and sits her on a little slide and she did NOT like that at all!  We anticipate hearing that beautiful sound a lot in the days to come!  She is walking very well; although she still has the Frankenstein walk of a baby that has just recently learned to do so.  She, of course, is just beautiful, something that we already knew.  As wonderful as it was to see, it just makes us all the more anxious. 

I'm heading off to New York for a little R&R with some girlfriends this weekend.  I hope the next time I step on a plane it will be heading to Europe ...


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