Monday, July 26, 2004


We are in the doldrums.  Frustration is rising with the temperature.  David and I are snapping at each other.   The kids are out of their minds bored.  I did drive to Alabama over the weekend to help my parents celebrate their 53rd anniversary (imagine!)  Anniston, AL is halfway for both them and us,  (they coming from Baton Rouge, LA).  We spent a nice weekend by the pool at a hotel.   The poor children: no video games, no movies.  They actually had to "play" together.  And did very well, I must say.  Anniston is quite a hot tourist spot ... NOT!  Let's see: its latest claim to fame is a festering land fill of radioactive waste that is currently in litigation or something like that.  Gee, maybe that explains why we were all glowing in the dark on the way home ...

I did some major shopping at the end of last week; finally bought poor Melanie some clothes.  Of course I have no idea how big she is ... also bought some medical-type stuff to donate to the baby house. 

Another week here and I'll be in the midst of back to school madness.  If we get travel dates on top of that I will spontaneously combust, I'm sure!  Colin is taking drivers' ed this week.  I feel my blood pressure rising as we speak.

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