Wednesday, June 30, 2004

May 7, 2004

Happy Mother's Day! Earlier this week we received notice from the BCIS (formerly INS) of our fingerprinting appointments. I am going to be in Louisiana with my family on the date they gave me, so I decided to just walk in today. It was so interesting to see the different nationalities represented. Most of them were there for their Green Card interviews, or fingerprinting to GET their Green Card. There were brightly printed flowing gowns of the women from Africa, with their matching head wraps; silky saris on the women from India or Pakistan ... lots of Asian folks speaking rapid-fire Chinese or Khmer; and elegant Russian men & women chatting with each other. I was dying to know how they all got here, and what their stories were. I felt a touch of pride in my little blue US Passport, but a little sadness, too, that I had such a valuable document, and these people had probably been through hell & high water to come to this country, and are starting at the very bottom to work their way up in society. I felt extremely fortunate and a little uncomfortable at how easy our lives are here, and how much the rest of the world struggles on a daily basis. Hmm.. guess I had a real United Nations experience today!

Anyway ... I was printed without incident, and David will go next Saturday the 15th to have his done. Then it should be fairly quick that we get our I-171-H, approval to bring Melanie into the country.

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