Wednesday, June 30, 2004

June 30, 2004

Here we go again ... I've been having trouble with the old WebPage, so I decided to try again with a new server ... good old AOL!  Let's see if this one is a little more accessible than before. 

Our dossier is supposed to be released from New York today.  Wow.  Now we're truly in the "waiting for travel dates" mode.  We have two more little "chores" to do:  we have to have our police clearances and our I-171-H notarized, certified and apostilled.  This means a trip to the Lincoln County courthouse for a stamp, and then sending them off to Raleigh for apostille by the Secretary of State.  (This is an offical looking document with lots of gold letters and a big seal, saying that our notary was duly qualified to be a notary.  Pretty redundant if you ask me, but standard ops in international adoption!)  This is a recent addition to the list of paperwork we need.  But hey, we jump when we are told to jump!

Oh ... you want to know what agency we're using?  World Partners Adoption,  They are the best!

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