Saturday, April 27, 2013

Help A Young Kazakh

It makes me sad that once again Kazakhstan is in the news, but not in a good way. ("Borat" was only the beginning!) Two friends of the Boston Marathon bomber are in custody, not just for being friends with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but for failing to attend classes pursuant to the requirements of their student visas. I came across this piece about a Kazakh high school student who has the opportunity to go to summer school at Cornell to study hospitality. If you know anything about the Kazakh culture, it's all about hospitality. I was back in Kazakhstan in 2006, where I visited the home of the interpreter we had had in our adoption trip in 2004, Aida. Her mother put on such a spread I felt like a visiting dignitary!  This opportunity will give Yerkebulan a huge step up if he ever returns to Kazakhstan, and even if he remains in the US.  I am hoping that if any of my friends and readers has a few shekels under the cushions on the sofa, they can send them on to this guy and help his dream come true. Thanks ... click on the link to learn more about Yerkebulan and how to donate to his cause:  

Help a young Kazakh realize his dream to study Hospitality | Tuition -

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