Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Annotated Bilbliography: Great Websites for TCKs...

TCKWorld ... The Official Home of Third Culture Kids.  The home of Ruth Hill Useem, who first coined the term "Third Culture Kid"; and many many other valuable resources for TCKs, including "Schools Without Walls" for alumni of schools that no longer exist; "Operation Footlocker", the Mobile Military Brat monument (that you can book for your reunion.  A very cool concept!)

Transition Dynamics  - Links and information for the internationally mobile.  HUGE list of resources!

Third Culture Kids & Company - Sheryl works with soon-to-be TCKs (usually Missionary Kids) before they leave their passport country, and debriefs TCKs as they return to the USA.  I can't wait to sit down and read her entire archive.  I especially like her post about famous TCKs (Obama being the most famous!)

Third Culture Stories - A website run by Marc Levitt, where TCKs can share their stories and experiences.

Among Worlds Magazine - "Encouraging and Empowering Adult Third Culture Kids"

Interaction International - "Meeting the needs of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) as children and as adults with families; Meeting the needs of parents of parents who are raising and educating their children overseas; Assisting international schools as they educate and care for TCKs; Assisting international schools as they educate and care for TCKs; Equip those people who work with and within the expatriate community; Being a catalyst and a resource in the developing of programs and services to better meet the needs of internationally mobile families and TCKs.



Sarahj said...

Fantastic. I look forward to perusing all of those. There is also: to add to your list - TCK stories, writings, well categorized.

Liz said...

Thanks Sarah. I had mentioned Denizen several times before, so I didn't put it in this list. It is a great magazine! (And I was published in it once! <--shameless plug).