Wednesday, July 20, 2011

50 "Americanisms" that Piss Brits Off.

50 Americanisms that Piss Brits Off

I take exception to several of these.  Most Americans don't know what a "fortnight" is (two weeks), nor a "stone" (although saying "11 stone, 4 pounds" is a lot better than saying 158 pounds.  Not that I'm revealing anything here, of course).  And what is a cheater?  (Windbreaker).  Trainers? (Sneakers).  A jumper is a pullover and we all know what trousers are but who the heck says "trousers" any more?

Many Americanisms, as one commenter suggested, come from poor grammar to begin with.  "Where are you at?" makes me cringe like nails on a blackboard.  If my kids say it, I say, "Between the A and the T".  Reminds me of a joke I once heard, about a Southern Belle who, visiting New York, was invited to a soiree by a society maven.  Being the friendly girl she was, she approached two snooty broads, and chirped, "Hi, where are y'all from?"  Looking down their noses at her like they had just stepped in something, one of them smirked, "We are from a place where we do not end our sentences with a preposition."  The Southern Belle, without missing a beat, smiled her most evil smile and shooting daggers with her eyes, blurted, "Oh, I'm so SOrry!  Where are y'all from, BITCH?"

I cannot abide by "Me and Lynn are going to the store."  My kids say it a lot, but now all I have to do is look at them sideways for them to realize the error of their ways.  My mother was the original grammar enforcer .. we were (and still are) corrected when we say "bring" rather than "take" or "lay" rather than "lie".  I never ever tell my kids to "LAY DOWN" because my mother is looking over my shoulder saying "It's LIE down, dammit! You 'lay' an egg.  Are you a chicken?"  Gotta love her, my mom.

Don't get me started on punctuation.  If I see another apostrophe used to make a plural I will slit my wrists.  There is even a great blog out there in the internet-mosphere called "Apostrophe Abuse".  God bless the person who writes it.  "The Oatmeal" is also a great site for how to use and spell tricky words (and has many other humorous things).

I'm still on hiatus here, but I saw this article and thought my British friends would appreciate it.  The movers just left and I'm sitting on the floor of my empty apartment.  Change is hard ... but not changing is harder.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Annotated Bilbliography: Great Websites for TCKs...

TCKWorld ... The Official Home of Third Culture Kids.  The home of Ruth Hill Useem, who first coined the term "Third Culture Kid"; and many many other valuable resources for TCKs, including "Schools Without Walls" for alumni of schools that no longer exist; "Operation Footlocker", the Mobile Military Brat monument (that you can book for your reunion.  A very cool concept!)

Transition Dynamics  - Links and information for the internationally mobile.  HUGE list of resources!

Third Culture Kids & Company - Sheryl works with soon-to-be TCKs (usually Missionary Kids) before they leave their passport country, and debriefs TCKs as they return to the USA.  I can't wait to sit down and read her entire archive.  I especially like her post about famous TCKs (Obama being the most famous!)

Third Culture Stories - A website run by Marc Levitt, where TCKs can share their stories and experiences.

Among Worlds Magazine - "Encouraging and Empowering Adult Third Culture Kids"

Interaction International - "Meeting the needs of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) as children and as adults with families; Meeting the needs of parents of parents who are raising and educating their children overseas; Assisting international schools as they educate and care for TCKs; Assisting international schools as they educate and care for TCKs; Equip those people who work with and within the expatriate community; Being a catalyst and a resource in the developing of programs and services to better meet the needs of internationally mobile families and TCKs.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On Hiatus

My apartment is practically empty.  I have no couch, no dining room table, no chest of drawers.  My bed is a twin mattress on the floor.  I have given away one of my bookshelves, so I have stacks of books on the floor.  I gave my pots & pans to my son Quentin today, who is off to Appalachian State for summer school.    The movers are coming July 20.  This Third Culture Kid is on her way again, traversing the country (well, halfway anyway!) from North Carolina to Texas, to start a new life.

The Love of My Life and I are getting married in early August.  Our story is a small miracle in and of itself, and I promise to write about it.  Soon.

I'm still looking for a (paying) job.

Much as I love reminiscing about the good old days at 132 Cambridge Circle, Forbes Park, Makati, Metro Manila, (and Tokyo, and Brussels, and Singapore...) I have just a few *little* things going on in my life.

I promise to return (with wedding pictures!)

But don't be surprised if I throw in a post or two if I have a flash of literary greatness.