Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Weird Wildlife Wincident

Today I was driving down to Melanie's school to pick her up for a doctor's appointment.  She's usually starving by the time she gets home from school so I pulled into Jack-in-the-Box for a healthy (bah!) snack for her to eat on the way.  As I'm pulling out into the very heavy traffic, I see a movement on the hood of my car.  There, sitting on the hood looking me straight in the eye is a MOUSE.  No, I'm not panicking at all, trying not to cause a major traffic accident over a stupid mouse.  He took one look at me, with those sweet little black eyes, and ran back under the hood (you know, the gap between the windshield wipers and the actual hood).  Of course I drove the rest of the way with one foot up on the seat.  I ran into the school and asked for a "man" (I know, genderist again) to come and make sure there wasn't a colony of the darn things living under there.  Well, dummy me in my agitated state couldn't figure out how to pop the hood.  He saw the suspect, stuck a stick in there and saw it scamper away under the hood.  So I was forced to drive the rest of the afternoon without knowing if it would pop out at me at any moment.  I'm such a baby.

Back at home I finally figured out how to pop the hood (they HID the latch) and of course there was no sign of our Little Furry Friend.  I just hope the stowaway wasn't running away from the family which may or may not be living in our garage.

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