Sunday, October 7, 2007

Adventure in Dog-dom, continued. I go out and check out this dog.  I'm completely bumfoozled because both of the gates in the yard are closed, and I can't see where he got in.  Unless, as I said, someone decided we looked like a nice home for an unwanted dog, and they put him over the fence.  He wasn't a very friendly dog; he growled at us, and wouldn't let us near him to see if he had a collar.  I gave him some food, but decided I wasn't in the mood to get rabies, so I called animal control.  The Animal Lady had a time getting to our house due to a gas leak in the back of the neighborhood.  She finally got the dog into her little noose thingie and off he went.  I felt a little bad, since he probably would be euthanized.  I didn't see that he was even a little bit sociable.  Who knows?

Friday morning our own Boudreaux appeared to be feeling a little bit under the weather.  He hadn't really eaten in several days, and just lay on the couch sleeping all the time.  He wouldn't even run after a Beanie Baby (they're all his now; I knew those things would come in handy some day!!)  So off to the vet we went.  As he was running a little fever, she scared me a little suggesting he might have bladder stones, common with schnauzers.  But the xray showed nothing.  Tonight I made him a scrambled egg, and he wolfed it down (dogged it down?  Ha!) so I'm wondering if his food was bad.  I always buy Purina, none of that Chinese dog food with melamine or lead paint or whatever in it.  Dunno ... I plan to ditch it and buy a new bag tomorrow.  Poor puppy.

So I dearly love dogs, but I think I would like to call a moratorium on any stray animals heading my way! 

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