Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Oh yes, Halloween!

We did have Halloween last night.  Our digital camera has ceased to be, so we're waiting for the new one we ordered to show up.  Lisa chose to be a geisha, and a beautiful one she was too!  Did I hesitate for a minute, wondering if I should really be letting my 8 year old daughter dress up like a Japanese escort woman?  Yeah, yeah, I know they weren't really "prostitutes" officially, but come on, don't you think there was some extracurricular stuff going on with them?  Do you really think the men thought "Oh how well she plays the <Japanese guitar>!  Isn't she a great fan dancer?  Okay, time to go home to the wife and kids!"  Naaahhhh. 

Anyway .. Christian dressed up as an Army paratrooper, and Melanie was a little kitty cat witch.  Very cute.  Quentin stayed home with some of his buddies and watched "Dawn of the Dead".  They handed out the candy, so for the first time in a long time, David and I actually did trick or treat together!  It was fun to see all the people we haven't seen in a while (yes we went to our old neighborhood).  Melanie pooped out pretty early, and when we got home, Quentin had put her to bed and she was sacked out.

Overall a very nice evening.

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