Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cabinet Meeting

Thought you might like to see the cabinets in their raw, uninstalled form.  They really are nice, but man is it a mess.  George spent Saturday installing the hood for the range (which closely resembles a UFO) and re-routing the plumbing.  Previously, the sink was not centered under the window (strange!) so we fixed that.  No asymmetry in our house, no sir!  The bad news is that, now we have no sink until October 4 (when the countertops will be installed).  We've been toting the dishes down to use the laundry sink in the basement.  But last night we went to BJ's and invested in a whole bunch of plastic plates and utensils.  Sorry, environment! 

The cabinet guy (David) ... (the floor guy is David also, as is, of course, my David) ... was here all day Friday assembling the jigsaw puzzle, as it were.  He did get the pantry installed, and part of the built in hutch.  The island is in place, though not bolted down.  The appliances will all be delivered next Friday.

I also picked out the hardware for the cabinets (drawer pulls and knobs).  I would post a picture, but the digital camera died.  We're going to give it a proper funeral and get a new one before we go to Disney.

Over and out.


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