Friday, September 22, 2006

All is Klaar, Herr Kommissar

(Don't know how I come up with these titles ... anyway!)

Melanie came through surgery just great.  She was of course uncomfortable when she first woke up, but the nurse gave her a big shot of something in her IV and off to dreamland she went.  We were told both by the hospital and the doctor's office that we would be spending the night, but they kicked us out at 5:00.  Ahhh. 

She was still a little drunk when we got home, but felt good enough to want to walk around the house.  Make that RUN around the house.  We had to sit on her to keep her quiet and still (no easy feat!)  She has a little blood coming out of her nose, and is drooling up a storm.  Other than that ... she ate ice cream, scrambled egg and yogurt.  No problem.  Last night I gave her a little hydrocodone and she slept all night (in my bed).

The cabinets were delivered ... the installer comes this morning.  It had been so long since I ordered them, I forgot what I ordered.  They're really really pretty!



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