Saturday, May 27, 2006

S-s-s-s-s-saturday Morning

Snakes alive!!  Look what turned up in our back yard this morning.  David said, "Aw, that's not a big snake" but I beg to differ.  Any snake in my book is a big snake.  Guess he got lost on the way to the charmers' convention.

What a week!  Monday was my birthday, and we celebrated by going to eat lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant.  Mom and I went shopping in the rain, and got so wrapped up in the day that I forgot to take Melanie to speech at 2:00.  Oh well.  That night we ate out (again -- ugh!) at 131 Main, but all I could get down was a salad.  That Indian food really stays with you!!  Melanie's last day of preschool was Tuesday, complete with "promotion ceremony" and cute little kids waving to their moms and dads from the stage.  At least Melanie didn't pull her dress up in front of the crowd, but she came close.  I was sweating it! 

Before the program I was at Southlake having the kids in Christian's class make "thumbprint tiles" as a souvenir for three boys who are moving away.  Finished that, rushed to the preschool.  That night I spent 2 hours at our neighborhood pottery painting studio, painstakingly painting the names under all the thumbprints and making little bugs out of them.  By the time I got to the third tile I was losing my mind ... but they all turned out very cute, if I may say so myself.  I missed the final performance night of "American Idol" -- which I have really gotten into this year.  But there were plenty of re-runs.  And isn't the results show more fun anyway?  I have to say I was pleased as punch that Taylor won.  As David said, I would go to a Taylor Hicks concert in a heartbeat.  And from a closet Clay Aiken fan (okay, I admit it ... so sue me!) I was so blown away by the "new" Clay.  Okay, what is a middle-aged suburban housewife doing being interested in this kind of thing? 

I have a new iPod ... welcome to the 21st century, Liz!  But the darn thing is giving me more gray hair than I was getting naturally!  First I loaded it with tons of great music, but then it wouldn't load any more, so Quentin "updated" it, which meant wiping it clean.  Again, hours of loading about 12 CD's.  Then my storage space on my computer filled up, so I deleted all the songs from my library (on my computer).  However, the stupid thing also cleared everything OFF OF THE IPOD!!!  Grrrrr........ I was cussing everything: Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs'  mother and Apple and the way the wind was blowing.   Stupid thing.  So last night I started over, yet again.  I guess everything is a learning process.

Next week will be chock-a-block with appointments and meetings with the kitchen remodelers.  I think we're finally "go" with that.  David and I have a "date" Friday night ... well, he is playing the drums at a dinner theater, and I get to sit in the audience and watch.  Is that a date?  Saturday Lisa has her piano recital.  My trip to Kaz. is coming too close, and I have to shop for clothes.

We talked to Aida last night on the phone.  We thought it was about 10 a.m. there, but it still sounded like we woke her up!  She is so excited that I am coming, and we are probably going to drive to Taldy Korgan on Sunday!!!  I'm thrilled beyond belief.  It's a 3 hour drive, so we'll have to leave pretty early, but so what.  I am dying to go back to the Baby House and take lots of pictures of Melanie.  I hope Gulistan will be there (Melanie's caregiver).  Okay, now I'm excited.  And excited to be showing Debi all these beautiful sights!


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wfinewyorkmetro said...

".....Clay Aiken fan (okay, I admit it ... so sue me!) I was so blown away by the "new" Clay.  Okay, what is a middle-aged suburban housewife doing being interested in this kind of thing?  "

I see nothing wrong w/ it :)  As a matter of fact, I applaud you for it.  You've got good taste!