Saturday, May 6, 2006

Did I mention the TSUNAMI?

Well, not really, but my blood pressure did spike just a bit, when a friend of mine calls me Wednesday while I was at lunch.  "I just saw on CNN that there was an earthquake off the coast of New Zealand!!  They're predicting a tsunami will hit New Zealand in 90 minutes!"  Part of me knew that David was inland, in a small town called Rotorua.  Still, all kinds of nasty pictures flashed into my mind.  I had no idea where David was staying ... so I called his secretary, just to set my mind at ease.  She didn't know either, but she did talk to someone at the hotel in Auckland, who said he hadn't heard anything about a tsunami warning, just a lot of rain.  Then not long after that, CNN reported that the tsunami warning had been cancelled. 

A lot of people thought it was silly of the Geological folks to send out an alarm, but ya know, I think I would rather they post the warning and have it be a false one.  You just never know ... Thailand and Indonesia (and Sri Lanka and Africa) come to mind.  I just hope that people in tsunami-prone areas don't get the "crying wolf" syndrome.

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