Sunday, May 21, 2006

Broadway, Here He Comes!

Friday night was Quentin's stage debut ... as Colin the little crippled boy in "The Secret Garden" as produced by the middle school at Southlake Christian Academy.  They did a tremendous job.  They left out a scene due to confusion of the stage crew and actors ... but the kids took it upon themselves to incorporate the two scenes together.  Very smart move. 

Friday Melanie had a small outpatient procedure.  We had to go to CMC to the One Day Surgery Center, where she was put under and Dr. Chen extracted one tooth that was growing in a strange place (very common in cleft kids) and capped another one.  It was one of her two front teeth, and was very brown.  Now she has two pearly white front teeth, and looks fabulous.  She did just great ... woke up without any problem, just wanted her "owie" out (her I.V.)  We were home by 2:00 p.m.

My parents are here, for the play.  They drove in Thursday afternoon all the way from Louisiana.  We're having a nice, relaxing weekend with them. 

Tomorrow I will be 46 years old.  Good grief.  How did this happen?  I guess all these years of birthing and adopting babies makes the time go by in a flash.  I just hope the next 46 go a little slower, ha ha.

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