Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Voice from the Wilderness

<sound of crickets chirping>

Well, I finally feel a little literary inspiration to update the website.  Very little.  Last week Christian tested positive for strep, and then, as I said, Quentin popped up with the fever, upper respiratory crud.  He's still coughing his head off, as am I.  Melanie finally succumbed today ... she's had the "green elevens" for about three weeks now, and it finally worked its way into a bacterial infection, with fever, etc.  The doctor gave us some antihistamine, which I gave her this afternoon with her first dose of antibiotics.  She played outside (it was 70 freakin' degrees here!!) and seemed to be feeling better.  I gave her a juice box, and went to fixing dinner.  Christian came into the kitchen and found her fast asleep, bent over with her head on a chair.  It was too cute for words.  Blech though, now she probably won't go to bed.  Oh well .. poor thing.  (Pictures above)!

Other than that ... not much else to report, other than doctor visits and such.  Melanie's appointment in Chapel Hill, with the UNC Craniofacial group, is coming up pretty soon .. March 12.  We also have Lisa & Christian's birthday parties coming up, and an appointment to have M. evaluated for "Bright Beginnings", a special ed. preschool that is available through the public schools here.  I think it would be a great opportunity for her, and she'll get all her speech services, etc. on a daily basis. 

She did start with another speech therapist, provided also by the school district, and in addition to the private therapy that we're getting with Jamie.  I am just so frustrated with her inability to speak ... which I suppose is a misnomer, since she does speak, just inaudibly.  Or not articulately.  (Is that a word?)  She's had her palate fixed over a year, and I was hoping to see more results by now.  I'm afraid they are going to do another surgery before we see any real answers.

Dinner's ready!  Gotta run.

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