Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Doe, A Deer

I was taking Boudreaux out back for a "business trip".  I looked back into the woods to see my first backyard deer!  He (or she) took one look at us and pranced away into the thicket (is that what it's called?  I remember that word from Bambi).  Boudreaux of course was quite interested in following our deer friend, and took off running and sniffing in the brush, tugging at the leash.  (We gotta get a fence ... soon!)  It was so cool to see a deer up close and personal-like (and not on the front bumper or in the windshield).  I know they are really pests, and can do some damage to your flora, but I'm a back to nature type gal and love to see nature in my back yard. 

Several years ago, in our old house, before a huge subdivision was built around us, I looked out our back window to see a fawn ... a real Bambi with spots on his back and everything.  I watched him for several minutes, while he walked up our driveway, across the street and between the two houses across the street.  I was spellbound.

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